Charging Buffalo Society was founded to bring education, empowerment and hope to a vibrant but under served population: the indigenous people of our nation.  With the help of our supporters, we will be able to create new and innovative culturally appropriate resources that are dedicated to healing wounds, and opening up new possibilities, for native populations eager to break the cycle of abuse and neglect in their communities. 

Charging Buffalo Society is a California not for profit corporation.

The goal of Charging Buffalo Society is to ensure that the organizations we target get all of the support they need to continue providing the necessary resources for native individuals and communities to changes their environment and lives. The majority of our work is centered on education about preventing domestic violence and increasing self-reliance through the restoration of cultural identity.  . The concepts behind Charging Buffalo Society are founded in the Lakota tradition, in which the buffalo is the center of the society‚Äôs social & spiritual existence.  Not only is the buffalo synonymous with generosity, community, compassion, courage, wisdom and respect, it is also one of the few animals that will face a storm head-on.  Charging Buffalo Society asks its supporters to forge ahead with us, in the spirit of the example set by the animal that so inspires us.  There are great challenges facing urban indigenous populations who wish to create positive change.  But these challenges are not insurmountable.  With generosity, compassion, courage, wisdom and respect, we can bring about that change.  Help us make a difference by joining us in our efforts

Questions or comments please call us at (909) 29-HOPE5 (909) 294-6735 or email us at Thank you!


*photo is being used courtesy of the Lakota Pine Ridge Children's Enrichment Project, Ltd., a 501(c)(3)