This an excerpt regarding the work currently being done by the IWJI . We have reviewed this program and have found much merit in the work that is being done by these strong and passionate women. Without the reauthorization of the VAWA 1.6 billion dollars that is currently allocated to combating domestic violence nationally may be lost. We cannot afford to let this work go to waste. Please help us support this effort. 

Indigenous Women’s Justice Institute (IWJI)

 The Indigenous Women’s Justice Institute (IWJI) was created to offer comprehensive services that address all aspect of domestic violence and sexual abuse programming without government funding. The founding members of IWJI have spent the majority of their lives working directly with the federal government in creating Domestic Violence programming on a national level. While working closely with the government, the members of IWJI have found that many of the government programs that are intended to help create and support domestic violence and sexual assault recovery efforts in Indian country are financially restrictive. IWJI feels it is important to enhance current efforts with private funds that can meet gaps in services or enhance/create services in tribal communities that are underserved or un-served. It is the understanding of many individuals and organizations that the reason government funding is so restrictive is not out of a willingness not to address issues properly or to limit grass roots effort, but that the restrictive nature comes from the misunderstanding of cultural based trauma and the methods of addressing those traumas in a culturally appropriate manner.

The indigenous population has many issues that are specific to their geographic nature and governmental complexity that are not found in any other cultural or ethnic population in our country. The IWJI founding members are all native women that have been working on the grass roots level in their perspective communities for well over 20 years. This direct contact to their target population gives them a unique and very personal perspective as to the tools that are needed to properly address domestic violence issues in Indian country. Please support their efforts to effectively& efficiently help our native women.